You are looking for somewhere to eat ...

… and you want to be in a nice atmosphere.

You would like to meet interesting new people.

Or you are vegan and it is not easy for you to find a restaurant where you can get food that meets your dietary requirements. You would like to meet other people who are also vegans and dine together.

Or you are visiting a different city for several days and would like to eat nicely in a private atmosphere. The hosts, as residents of this town, could tell you interesting things such as what is really worth seeing, where are the best sports or shopping opportunities, what is in the city currently hip, the best clubs etc.

So you are not only looking for food but also contact with other people who will tell you more about the place.

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You want to organize a culinary event ...

… or simply prepare a nice meal and invite some guests.

You define the menu

In this case create an offer - also called an event - and describe your menu. In addition to the description, the main features of the meal are marked with icons, e.g. international or Italian cuisine, seafood or steaks, vegetarian or vegan food, fructose-free or glucose-free, with or without wine, etc.

Determine the place, time, and the number of guests you want to invite.

Of course you can set a picture of the food, if you already have it. Otherwise, a neutral image is provided.

You set the prices

As a host, you can ask the guests to pay for the food.

If you just want to invite a few nice people to the coffee and cake, you can put a symbolic price of 1€.

If, however, you have an exclusive meal with a 6-course menu and the best wines, which at the same time are connected with donations for a good cause, you can set the price per person as high as you wish.

Publish your event