Recommend us

Would you like to see more restaurants, clubs and other food offers at Dinees?

Then please recommend us and look forward to an attractive bonus. At the same time, you, your friends and the entire community will benefit from even more meal providers.

Your bonus for you as an advertiser

10% of the annual membership fee paid by the new customer is for you!

If you win a restaurant as a new customer and this restaurant, club or other gastronomy establishment orders the Premium package with an annual membership fee of 600,00 Euro, you will receive 60,00 Euro from us!
Therefore, you are shall now download the form Customers Recruit Customers and complete it together with the new customer.


The payment of the bonus is subject to the following conditions:
  • • The advertiser is a registered member of Dinees.
  • • The advertiser is a private person.
  • • The advertiser is of age.
  • • The advertiser is not a co-worker of Dinees or its affiliates.
  • • The recruited business customer is new to Dinees, i.e. was never a member of Dinees.
  • • The recruited business customer pays the full membership fee. Discounted fees do not underlay any bonus payments.
  • • The recruited business customer remains a member of Dinees for more than three months.
  • • The recruited business customer advertises offers for at least 30 guests per month.
Recommendations in the context of a professional or voluntary activity are not possible. A subsequent notification of the recommendation for an existing membership is not possible. The bonus is paid out after three months' membership of the customer. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

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