Private package


per year (brutto)

Only for private guests and hosts

  • Ihre Mitgliedschaft ist kostenlos. Wenn Sie selbst Events veranstalten und Gäste einladen, dann sind €5.00 pro Event zu zahlen.

Starter package


per year (netto)

Especially for small restaurants, bars and clubs

  •  Your address published
  •  Your Geo position published
  •  Your opening hours
  •  Custommer ratings

Standard package


per year (netto)

For any kind of restaurants, bars and clubs

  •  Your menu published
  •  Table booking per phone
  •  Backlink to your Webpage
  •  Starter package

Premium package


per year (netto)

For very frequented restaurants, bars and clubs

  •  Events in Twitter
  •  Events in Facebook
  •  Statistics
  •  Standard package