Are you a gastronomy company?

... then use Dinees to increase the number of your customers and thus increase sales and profits!

Create limited special offers

In this case create an offer, also called Event , and describe the menu.

In addition to the description, simply highlight the main features of the menu with appropriate icons such as international or Italian cuisine, seafood or steaks, vegetarian or vegan food, fructose-free or glucose-free, with or without wine, etc.

Determine the date, time and number of guests who can use this offer.

This means you always have the costs under control. This is a fundamental advantage over a flat-rate offer in the newspaper or on the Internet.

You set the prices

You can freely decide what discount you give to the customer in your offer. You can publish your menus at standard rates but also offer discounts of your choice for a limited number of guests. Just as you wish! Dinees does not require any discounts.

Most importantly: As a host you will be paid directly by your guests!
There are no coupons that you need to send to Dinees to get your money.
Your guests pay you and not Dinees.

This means you directly generate revenue and immediately increase your liquidity.
This is a huge advantage over other coupon-based internet platforms.

No hidden costs!

There are no additional hidden costs. You pay only the annual membership fee. That's it.

Your offers must not always have discounts!

You can publish all the meals from your menu with their standard prices. On behalf of you, we can of course take over this task and do these publications for you. In addition, you can also offer meal combinations that are not listed as standard in your menu. This can of course be combinations with meals from your menu.

If you for example organize an exclusive event with a 6-course menu, which at the same time is connected with donations for a good cause, you can set the price as high as you like.

If you organize an exclusive event with invited VIPs, you can set the price to 1,000 euros per person or more depending on the VIPs.
Everything is in your hands!

You can publish lots of different events!

What offers can you publish at Dinees? Here are some examples for you:

  • • Meals in restaurants
  • • Dancing with candlelight dinner
  • • Exceptional dinner with invited artists (singers, dancers, cabaret artists, actors and other artists)
  • • Room rental with or without meal service for weddings, birthdays, company visits or other occasions
  • • Common football watching with beer and sausages
  • • and much more!

Effort reduced to minimum!

In order you have little time for creating your offers, you can publish a serial offer that is repeated as many times as you want.

For example, you can publish an event beef fillet with mashed potatoes and define that this offer runs for next 12 weeks always Mondays between 16:00 and 18:00 clock and costs 12.99 Euros per person.

Of course we also offer you as our customer additional services which include - among others - the editing and publication of your offers according to your specifications.

Other advantages

For all our commercial customers we offer additional services around their offers at very attractive prices. This includes - among others - advertising materials (flyers, beer coasters, pens etc.) that you can use in your restaurant to inform the public about your offers on Dinees. Further details are available on request.

Publish your event